If you have ever tried to take photos of babies, be it professionally or just as a hobby you likely already know it can be quite the challenging task. There are a few tips that will help you to make baby photography easy.

A great way to get good baby photos and actually end up with the baby smiling instead of crying is to lay them on a soft blanket and lie down next to them. Hold your camera up above the baby and take pictures of them as they enjoy you being close to them. Babies love to feel comfortable and love to feel like someone is close by. Taking photos this way is really going to help you have a great baby photo shoot!

Once babies get a bit older, perhaps 5 months or so they will begin to be more expressive with their faces. This is a great time to use your voice to stimulate their reactions. If you can make some kind of silly noise that will make the baby laugh then you already have an edge above other photographers. Be sure to make the noise quietly so that you do not end up scaring the baby and making a picture of them crying.

A great way to get the baby to look at you and the camera is to have mommy or daddy standing beside you. Be sure to engage the parents in the photo shoot if they baby responds well to them being there.