Digital cameras have changed the world of photography. The days when only professional photographers seemed to be capable of taking a high quality photograph have passed, but that doesn’t mean you should consider a career as a freelance photographer, there are still plenty of opportunities to earn money via photography.

Stock Photos

Taking high quality shots and posting them to stock photo sites is a great way to supplement your income. Each time someone wants to use your image for a blog post, website header, or book cover, you will receive a small fee. The amount might not seem like much, but it adds up over time, and a great, one of a kind shot can net a few hundred dollars a year. You should post your photos on at least two or three well respected stock photography websites. The more sites you post to, the number of people who find your photos increase.


Contact local magazines and newspapers and offer your services as a photographer. Not only will the publications pay for the photos you take, they also provide you with contacts. Photographers who can also write an article to accompany the images are in very high demand.

Book Covers

The creation of e-books means that anyone can write and publish a book, and those books need covers which has created a cottage industry that has proven very lucrative for photographers. All you need is some great shots, an understanding of what types of book covers draw customer’s eyes, and some good software. Most writers are happy to pay a few hundred dollars from a single high quality book cover, especially if you’re willing to work closely with the author and create unique cover for their book.