Have you ever noticed how we are all drawn to certain things? For me I am always looking at the pictures in books and magazines. I have always had a love affair with pictures. Something about the way they look I guess. I am always trying to find new pictures and I am always excited about the way the pictures turn out. I have been taking photography lessons for many years and I think that I might have the eye needed in this business. In order to see if I have what it takes to snap the right kinds of pictures I am taking a job with a trusted website called MsPrepper. Have you heard of this site? This is a website that is dedicated to the art of survival and prepping. Apparently there are huge numbers of folks that think the world could fall apart and they would like to be prepared in this event.

I would have to say that MsPrepper is a well built and a well thought out website. Whoever designed the site must be a real genius because they have covered almost every topic that you could imagine. The real kicker for me is the way they have talked about preserving things as well as making sure that you are protected. But the main area that I have always looked at was the picture. Photography is the art I love and I am always going to do whatever is demanded to make sure the right pictures are used. That is why I am becoming the photography expert for MsPrepper.

In order to understand the art of photography you have to understand the 3 basic rules for picture taking. First, you have to always make sure that your object is using the 1/3 law. All this means is that you need to make sure that your object is filling 1/3 of the page. It is pleasing to the eye and it makes the reader/user more comfortable. The second rule is that you always make sure your medium is properly lit. Too many pictures on the Internet, and even on MsPrepper, have horrible lighting. This will no longer be the case as I am making a huge change in the picture taking policy. Finally, you have to make sure that whatever you are taking pictures of is applicable. How many times have you been reading an article where the picture did not match the article?

MsPrepper is all about making sure the information is right and that the readers are happy. Part of this means they need to have the best photography available to them as well as making sure the pictures are applicable. That is why I am happy to say that I will be the newest member of the MsPrepper team and I will be doing a wonderful job in taking the best pictures this site has ever seen. If you would like to see the work I am doing you can check out MsPrepper.com So what are you waiting for?