When it comes to taking a picture, I am the guy you need to know. I have been photographing people and places all of my life. I am not a professional but I am someone that has the talent of a pro. I love to capture truth. There is just something about finding the truth and holding it in your hand. Being able to see the truth makes a huge difference. Husbands and wives pay large sums of money for photographic evidence of cheating. Children long for a photo of Santa. The picture has the ability to let people see what they might have only suspected. That is why I have started capturing the photos of people doing extraordinary things. The most incredible pictures are the ones I just recently did. I was able to capture a man that had stopped smoking. I followed him and found that he was 6 times more likely to quit with help from ecigs. Sounds crazy, I know. But the real beauty here is that I was able to capture the whole journey on film. It was actually 2 different occasions.

The first time he tried to stop was impossible. He would go a few hours and then break down. He might make it a day but he would always come back to the cigarettes. That is until he found an ecig. Research has proven that you are 6 times more likely to quit with help from ecigs. So I decided that I would photograph my journey. That is correct. My subject was myself. That is why I can be so honest with you. I am the one who experienced this journey. Smoking has always been a thing that I relied on. It was a crutch and I needed to kick the habit away from me. So I did the research on the best ecigs and I was even told by the seller that I was 6 times more likely to quit with help from ecigs. I was blown away.

However I was able to kick the habit in under a week. It took a few days to start enjoying the ecig but after about 2 days I started craving it instead of the regular cig. This is great news. The photos that I have been able to capture show the difference in my skin, my hair, and even my teeth. All the things that smoking was taking away from me are now starting to come back. I just wish that I would have known years ago that I was 6 times more likely to quit with help from ecigs. I would have quit years ago had I known this. And the photos never lie!